Read the most frequently asked questions
by our customers.
  • The cost of a one-time clean­ing ser­vice starts at PLN 99 for an apart­ment up to 35 m².

    To cal­cu­late the exact cost of the ser­vice you can use our con­fig­u­ra­tor and the price list tab.
  • The clean­ing time depends on the size of the space, the degree of soil­ing, the amount of fur­ni­ture, etc.
    The web­site only shows the sug­gest­ed clean­ing time, which may be longer or short­er — you pay for the ser­vice pro­vid­ed, not for the time spent on cleaning.

  • You can make the pay­ment via PayU, via online trans­fer or by cred­it card.

  • Yes. When pro­cess­ing pay­ments, we coop­er­ate with the PayU sys­tem, the leader of online pay­ments in Poland, oper­at­ing on the mar­ket since 2006. More infor­ma­tion can be found here: https://poland.payu.com/o‑nas/

  • Each of our employ­ees is equipped with masks with a min­i­mum FFP2 / N95 filter.
    Every­one has a change of clean clothes and shoes. We avoid direct con­tact with ten­ants, it will be safest if you leave the space for the time of service.
    After the ser­vice, we ven­ti­late the rooms and dis­in­fect the most fre­quent­ly touched surfaces(disinfection is includ­ed in the price).

  • Yes. In order to do so, please con­tact us by the phone or e‑mail to the fol­low­ing address: biuro@napolysk.pl. After the pay­ment is con­firmed, we will gen­er­ate a vouch­er, which you can then print out and give to the recipient.

  • Of course. Con­trary to the black mar­ket, our com­pa­ny is insured against civ­il lia­bil­i­ty up to PLN 1,000,000 (one mil­lion zlo­tys). You are guar­an­teed the secu­ri­ty of the prop­er­ty entrust­ed to us.

  • No, you don’t have to be at home.

  • Yes. When order­ing clean­ing ser­vices just enter the num­ber of win­dows to be cleaned in addi­tion­al ser­vices. How­ev­er, if you want us to only clean the win­dows, with­out any oth­er clean­ing ser­vices, please con­tact us and we will arrange the details. Remem­ber that wash­ing the win­dows is cheap­er when ordered  with anoth­er clean­ing service.

  • Yes. When order­ing a clean­ing ser­vice, please select “clean­ing the fire­place” in addi­tion­al services.

  • For logis­ti­cal rea­sons, order­ing the clean­ing ser­vice on the same day via the con­fig­u­ra­tor is not pos­si­ble, but in this case, we rec­om­mend that you con­tact our office by phone and we will check what we can do for you. It may hap­pen that we have a free term on the same day.

  • Of course. We will clean your apart­ment after a renovation.
    To order a clean­ing ser­vice after a ren­o­va­tion, please con­tact us by phone or send us an email to biuro@napolysk.pl.

  • Yes. If you need a clean­ing ser­vice after lease, we sug­gest opt­ing for the Pre­mi­um pack­age. How­ev­er, before decid­ing, please check what exact­ly is includ­ed in this service.
    If you need more ser­vices, or an offer tai­lored to your needs, please con­tact us by phone or e‑mail: biuro@napolysk.pl

  • We try to be punc­tu­al, how­ev­er, due to var­i­ous fac­tors such as traf­fic jams, caus­es of mis­for­tunes,  the oper­at­ing hours are giv­en approx­i­mate time frame only  and may dif­fer from the actu­al time of arrival. In case of late arrival you will be informed by phone.

  • After book­ing and pay­ing for the ser­vice on the web­site, you will receive an e‑mail con­fir­ma­tion with all order details.

    If you ordered the ser­vice with­out our clean­ing prod­ucts, be sure to pre­pare them for us.

  • If you chose a clean­ing ser­vice with­out our clean­ing agents, please prepare:

    • dis­in­fec­tant liq­uid for toilets
    • uni­ver­sal liq­uid for clean­ing sur­faces (dust, furniture)
    • win­dow / glass cleaner
    • floor clean­ing fluid
    • agent for stronger dirt
    • microfiber cloth (for dust)
    • sponge / scrub brush
    • paper tow­els.
  • All peo­ple employed in our com­pa­ny are trust­wor­thy, have been prop­er­ly trained, are legal­ly employed, and have health and safe­ty train­ing and med­ical examinations.
    We assure you that you can trust the per­son clean­ing your apartment.

    You can be sure that our employ­ees will be dis­creet. Each of them has signed a pri­va­cy pol­i­cy, which we care very much about. We do not read your doc­u­ments or pri­vate con­tent, and we do not share it.

  • To make the clean­ing ser­vice more effec­tive, please hide away clothes, toys and oth­er things lying on the floor or fur­ni­ture. We also ask you not to leave any valu­ables such as cash or jew­ellery on display.

  • No, you don’t have to be home. Hand over the keys and we will do the rest.
    See Terms and Con­di­tions for more details.

  • Yes. You can change the date of the ser­vice order with­in 48 hours in advance by con­tact­ing us by phone: +48 500 50 54 54 (from 8am to 6pm from Mon­day to Fri­day), or by send­ing an email to: biuro@napolysk.pl.

  • No. You can post­pone the ordered ser­vice to anoth­er date, with­in 48 hours before the orig­i­nal­ly sched­uled visit.

  • Of course. We appre­ci­ate your feed­back. After the ser­vice, you will receive an email ask­ing for an eval­u­a­tion. Thank you!

  • Yes, if the per­son is avail­able at a time con­ve­nient for you, they will come to you again next time.

  • Our employ­ees are expe­ri­enced clean­ers who always work in accor­dance with our com­pa­ny’s pol­i­cy. How­ev­er, there are sit­u­a­tions where one can have reser­va­tions over some of the aspects of the ser­vice. It is worth address­ing your remarks to the clean­ing per­son direct­ly while clean­ing. How­ev­er, if there is any­thing that you did not like, please con­tact us. We will def­i­nite­ly find a way to solve the prob­lem. Accord­ing to reg­u­la­tions, you have the right to make a com­plaint with­in 24 hours after the clean­ing ser­vice was car­ried out.

  • Yes. Please con­tact our office. We will send the invoice by e‑mail.

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